'Happy' video shot on Vine, profits go to Operation Smile

Vine. A six second app that has revolutionized social media yet again. It's an interesting platform for straight-to-the-point artistic expression, comedy, and music covers. While it has been an incredible tool to connect with fans, there isn't much room in those six seconds to hit the core emotions that a full song can hit. So, I decided to merge all of my worlds, gather up my favorite Viners, and group together a series of Vine videos into one full-length cover of Pharrell's 'Happy.' Cody Johns and I collaborated on the vocals and shot the entire video completely using Vine.

Because the song is about happiness, I am donating all profits from the song sales on iTunes to an incredible charity, Operation Smile, that provides free surgery for children with cleft palates and other facial deformities, so that they can show happiness the way we all do, with a smile.

Check out the video to see the lovely group of Viners who came together with Cody and I to make this possible.

xx JP