New York Recap

My city, my home. New York City is my heart, my reminder of every push forward, every chance I took to to turn a NO into a make the impossible...possible. I moved to Manhattan when I was 20, $800 to my name. My first apartment was some craigslist girl's living room for $725/month. Thank god she didn't ask me for a security deposit. I think we paralyze ourselves in thinking we need to have everything figured out first. Sometimes you just have to take action then hustle hard after. Moving to the Big Apple without stopping to think, "how the F is this going to work?" was the best decision I've ever made. It was the beginning.

I spent most of August back in NYC reconnecting with my inner hustler. Millions of footsteps pounded the pavement around me every day, steps that sounded like excited heartbeats, keeping me in time with the realization that I'm now making my living doing what I love; performing and creating. Let this be an example to you to trust that you can do anything you want to. Anything.